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Teletherapy is conducting individual, couples, or group sessions through videoconferencing with a therapist in a secured private room. Meeting with your therapist through teletherapy has advantages and disadvantages which are outlined in the required consent forms. All potential clients must be a resident of New York State and will be screened to determine if they are suitable for this method of treatment because teletherapy is not appropriate for everyone.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance companies were covering session fees in full along with co-payments and deductibles. Many insurance companies are still covering the full or partial cost of telehealth sessions, but most clients are now responsible for deductibles if applicable and co-payments. Your therapist will keep you updated regarding future notifications we receive from your insurance carrier regarding session fees and client responsibility.


First Light Psychological Services takes most insurances. Prior to the first session our office checks your insurance benefits for what is covered and what is the client’s financial responsibility.  For teletherapy sessions some insurance companies may only cover half of the provider’s contracted reimbursement rate. You will be financially responsible for the remaining balance per session that is not covered. The other option is to attend in-person therapy sessions.

Many insurance companies permit out of network benefits. If we are an out of network provider, we will bill your insurance company, but you will be responsible for any fees that are not covered. If you do not have insurance or prefer not to use your insurance carrier, individual session fees are $125.00 per session for 45 minutes, and couples counseling is $250.00 per session for 90 minutes. Session fees are payable at the time of each visit.

During the first session the therapist will answer any questions about teletherapy or the required forms you filled out prior to starting treatment. Together you will discuss preferred communication methods outside of sessions (email, text), your presenting problem, and a pathway for effective treatment goals that will lead to a positive outcome.  The necessary desire, motivation, and commitment in a teletherapy session is no different than attending in person.


If you are interested in teletherapy please call the office first to check on the availability of the clinicians. All messages will be returned within 72 hours.  Once availability is established, you will need to return to this website page and click on the link below. The link will take you off this website to electronically fill out and sign required paperwork for teletherapy services. The file in the link is HIPPA encrypted and keeps your information secure and private. The completed documents will be emailed to us using the same encryption format. None of your information is stored on this website.

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